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Paraluman in foreign films

REMEMBER WHEN?Danny Dolor (The Philippine Star) – March 18, 2018 – 12:00am

Like many Filipino actors in the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, Paraluman was featured in foreign films, including Surrender Hell! (Hollywood, 1959) and Elephant Girl (Singapore, 1951).

Other local stars who appeared in foreign films, shot mostly in the Philippines, were Pancho Magalona, Charito Solis, Barbara Perez, Robert Arevalo, Rosa del Rosario, Ronald Remy, Luz Valdez, Alicia Vergel, Oscar Obilgacion, among others.

Noted for her beauty, Paraluman was also an award winner, FAMAS Best Actress in 1957 for Sino ang Maysala? Her original screen name was Mina de Gracia, renamed Paraluman in 1941, after her starrer with Fernando Poe Sr. in the movie also titled Paraluman, meaning muse. Off-cam, she was Sigrid Von Giese, German mestiza.

Clockwise from upper left: Paraluman in Malaysian costume which she wore during the shooting break of Elephant Girl…in the hands of Japanese soldiers. At left: Playing a Japanese officer is Bruno Punzalan. Ad of Surrender Hell!. Keith Andes and Susan Cabot in a love scene.

In Surrender Hell!, Paraluman was billed with Keith Andes and Susan Cabot, in smaller letters though. Also in the cast of the movie were Nestor de Villa and Bruno Punzalan.

While financed by Hollywood, Allied Artists Picture, Surrender Hell! had a mostly Filipino staff: Francisco Buencamino Jr. (music), Mike Accion (cinematography), Gerardo de Leon (editing), Richard Abelardo (art direction), Teody Carmona (set design), Restie Umali (orchestration).

Surrender Hell! was filmed in Luzon’s Green Hell, the true story of American Lt. Donald Blackburn, set in World War II.

Keith Andes, educated in Oxford University and Temple University, appeared on stage and TV and in movies, including The Farmer’s Daughter with Loretta Young, Clash by Night with Barbara Stanwyck and Marilyn Monroe and Justice for All in 1979, was one of his last films.

He died at 85 in Santa Clarita, California on Nov. 11, 2005.

Susan Cabot’s screen credits include Flame of Araby, Battle of Apache Pass, Duel at Silver Creek, Ride Clear of Diablo.— RKC

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