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MANILA, Philippines — Following the success of Mario Maurer’s movie, “The Love of Siam,” the Thai model-actor was rumored to be dating his leading lady in the film, Witwisit Hiranyawongkul.

There were also reports of him dating actress Sumonthip “Gubgib” Leuangutai. Mario and Gubgib have reportedly broken up years ago.

How does it feel to date a co-worker in showbiz?

“It’s not bad,” he told Philstar.com in an interview Tuesday night during his launch as Head & Shoulders ambassador. “You just have to deal with time management.”

Though he stressed that “There’s nothing bad” about dating a fellow artist, he assured fans that he is single and not seeing anyone as of the moment because he is focusing on his new Thai show coming out this month.

He might already be rich, famous and handsome, but Mario has proven that he is more than just a pretty face since despite his tight showbiz schedule, he still managed to finish his Master’s Degree in Political Communication.

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“My parents always say I’ll never be too old to learn,” he said, explaining that he took up Political Communication “to be knowledgeable about law for business.”

He said he did not take up the course to get a promotion or to pursue it as a career. “I didn’t think of it as add up to me; I just want to have more knowledge.”

For him, everyone should never stop learning.

“Everyone now must have more knowledge, especially in business,” he enthused.

To those who also want to achieve work-life balance, Mario advised: “Even if I work as an actor, I have to have my movie time. With my schedule so tight, I have to have everything on schedule.”

Despite having a full calendar, Mario still managed to visit the Philippines for the nth time.

“I keep on coming back for my friends. I’m always happy to come back to the Philippines because the fans here are the best! There’s nothing that keeps me from coming here,” he expounded.

Mario has become endeared to FIlipinos for his hit rom-com “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and comedy-horror “Pee Mak.” He also starred opposite Erich Gonzales in Star Cinema’s “Suddenly It’s Magic.”

He said he would like to work in the Philippines again, preferably with his good friend Joross Gamboa, who Mario described as “very fun to be with.”

Mario’s friend and fellow Head & Shoulders endorser, Sandara Park, has lost track of how many times she has been in the country.

“Because it’s my second home. Kasi naho-home sick ako when I’m not here,” Dara told Philstar.com.

When asked if she also plans to go back to school like Mario did, Dara chuckled: “Not really, because when I open a book, I feel sleepy! So, concentrate muna ako sa music!”

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