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MANILA, Philippines – Drew Arellano can’t wait for the day when his son Primo can tag along to his travels-cum-work assignments in Biyahe ni Drew, the weekly travel show airing on GMA News TV, Friday nights at 8.

“I want him to be exposed to different cultures; to different people,” says Drew. “But he doesn’t have to be a host but just a companion and he doesn’t have to be on-cam because I don’t want him to work at an early age.”

If he is not mistaken, the proud dad shares that his and Iya’s son, who will be turning one on Aug. 30, had already been to four countries since the little boy was issued a passport. That’s why Drew delightfully considers him as “little biyahero.” And why not when everyone is not as lucky to travel that much. Drew believes that traveling is “good for your health, good for your personality and good for your development.”

However, Drew can no longer stand being away from home. “’Pag local destination (for his show), usually two days lang pero ‘yung two days na ‘yun, kating-kati na ko (umuwi), s’yempre kasi meron kang baby na nearly one year old kaya gusto mong umuwi di ba lalo na pag out of the country mas matagal.”

To ease his “dilemma,” Drew just thinks that “maybe we need time away, so Iya could have free time for herself. Same with me and for Primo pero s’yempre just a little bit, not too long.”

The 37-year-old Asian Artists Agency, Inc. talent also admits that marriage and fatherhood changed his outlook in life.

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With son Primo: I want him to be exposed to different cultures and different people. — Photo from Drew Arellano’s Instagram

“I’m such an obsessed dad. I’m sure everyone feels the same when they have kids lalo na ako because Primo is our first and what a cute baby he is. Lumalabas pa lang ‘yung personality n’ya.

“You know, throughout the years, I feel that Iya has been more of a selfless person than I am. I guess ako lumaki din ako na I fend for myself because it’s part of my personality na parang hinayaan lang ako so OK I’m gonna be on my own; that’s the course I took. With Iya kasi, she’s selfless; constantly thinking of other people than herself, which is a great thing. But when Primo was born, wow I guess it’s human nature that, my God, I’m not thinking of myself. That definitely was the biggest change in my life. You have the potential pala to just love so much.”

Asked when do they plan to have another baby, Drew says that they’ve been trying “and we’re really hoping that the next one is gonna be a girl para closed shop na ‘yan hahaha but if ever boy ulit, well, that’s it.”

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