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When that, uhm, ugly incident happened, Kiefer Ravena owned up to his “mistake” and promptly apologized to his parents, his (then?) girlfriend Alyssa Valdez and his fans.

So when Funfare met Kiefer last Thursday at Watsons’ “Bro Bootcamp” at its Podium outlet, we respectfully refrained from mentioning that unsavory past although Kiefer gamely talked about the lesson that he learned from it.

Asked if he’s still active on social media (you know, in spite of), Kiefer said, “Yes, I am. But I have become more careful now. I learned a lesson the hard way. Social media is such a free world and it can be risky. You post something and before you know it, it has spread like wildfire. You can’t take it back anymore. Mas madaling mag-ingat kaysa magsisi.”

Together with other celebrities (one of them Robi Domingo, but more about him in a future issue), Kiefer was at the Watsons event as endorser of Gillette which helps him have that clean-shaven look. Through “Bro Bootcamp,” Watsons rolled out a crash course on how boys can master personal care from basic cleansing training to showering, shaving and scent, all the way up to moisturizing.

We discussed “safe” topics with Kiefer such as his grooming and health regimen.

“For my skin, I consult a dermatologist. I also use Master products, especially the toner which I apply morning and night and when I’m going out. I used to endorse Master. Athletes like me take good care of our health. We are already engaged in having a fit lifestyle; if we are not on the basketball court, we are in the gym. Lagi kaming nag-pra-practice. In addition to that, I take multi-vitamins because sometimes, hindi kaya ng tulog lang. And proper hydration, that’s why I take lots of water, especially during workouts.”

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A retired basketball star and Manny Pacquiao admitted that they would refrain from having sex at least three weeks before a game. What about Kiefer (presuming that he has a partner, if not yet a wife)?

“It’s a case-to-case basis,” said Kiefer who is reported to be fancy-free at the moment. “I guess every athlete has his own way of preparing himself emotionally, mentally and physically.”

Nightlife is among the things that Kiefer has to sacrifice for his sport — “To be the best athlete that I can be.” That means, goodbye to gimik, social drinking, bar-hopping or partying.

Is sports laden with gossip and intrigues which are the lifeblood of showbiz?

“Almost the same,” confirmed Kiefer who has had his taste of showbiz when he starred with fellow athletes (Alyssa among them) in a comedy series on TV5, together with Ogie Alcasid and Randy Santiago. “Showbiz and sports have merged. A lot of showbiz guys have proven themselves to be good athletes, like Matteo Guidicelli (racing), Derek Ramsay (frisbee), Kim Chiu (marathon) and others.”

It was fun, agreed Kiefer.

“Light lang, no heavy acting. It was masaya, especially with Kuya Ogie and Kuya Randy around. I think most of us athletes find it difficult to cry in a dramatic scene. That’s what I admire among our actors…their ability to cry in dramatic scenes.”

And what does he find most uncomfortable being a celebrity?

“Everybody is looking at you, watching you and waiting for you to commit a mistake. One wrong move, no matter how small or how trivial, can be magnified, blown out of proportion. Being a celebrity entails a big responsibility. Whether you like it or not, you are a role model, especially to the young who might be dreaming to be good at basketball.”

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