Fresno restaurant says it did not receive tuna recalled by FDA

As the Food and Drug Administration continues its investigation into a multi-state recall of frozen tuna believed to be contaminated with Hepatitis A, the owner of a Fresno restaurant entangled in the recall says he didn’t get any of the tainted tuna.

High Sierra Grill House in Fresno was one of about 30 restaurants listed by the FDA as having received the contaminated tuna several weeks ago. But owner Manuel Perales said he wasn’t aware of the recall until last Friday. He also says that after doing his own research, he discovered the tuna he received from his distributor Central Fish Market was not the same package size that was being recalled.

“I felt better once I found out that we didn’t get any of that fish,” Perales said. “Our customer’s safety is very important to us.”

Perales said he is thankful everything worked out.

FDA officials said that so far there have not been any reported illness of Hepatitis A. Fresno County health officials also confirmed they have not seen a case of Hepatitis A related to the recalled tuna.

Federal officials said the contaminated fish was traced back to Hilo Fish Company in Hawaii that launched a voluntary recall of the frozen tuna in early May. The fish ended up in retailers and restaurants in three states including California, Texas and Oklahoma. Initially, at least 30 restaurants were thought to have received the fish but that has been amended to 25.

The FDA reminds consumers that any unvaccinated person who ate the recalled frozen tuna is at risk of contract the hepatitis a virus. The FDA recommends that if you think you have become sick from eating the fish contact your health care professional. If you have any food safety questions you are urged to call, 1-888-SAFEFOOD, Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

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